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Exceptional hunting and photographic safaris in Zambia
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Passion & Dedication



John du Plooy has been a full time Zambian professional hunter since 1988, having guided in most of the Zambian Game Management areas. John is the highest awarded Professional Hunter by the Professional Hunting Association of Zambia.

As an honorary wildlife police officer John is highly committed to the welfare and conservation of the Zambian wildlife. Together with ZAWA he created a successful programme in 2003 that allowed illegal firearms to be handed in for a financial reward with an offer of employment in community development. This programme continues to make a positive difference in the rural regions where he is based.


SCI Life Member

Member of PHAZ and served as a PHAZ Executive Committee member

Member of SHOAZ and served as a SHOAZ Executive Committee member

Muchinga Adventures Ltd is a founding member of SHOAZ

Together with his wife Laura, John owns and operates Muchinga Adventures.


Booking a safari with Muchinga Adventures Ltd isn’t just about outstanding trophies and an unrivalled success rate but a unique and authentic African safari experience with an extremely talented & highly professional team. Quality hunts offering a personalized and exclusive safari tailored to suit individual needs are offered for most of the Zambian species. Safaris are offered subject to quota availability in the Kafue Flats for Kafue Lechwe, Bangweulu for Black Lechwe, Chifunda GMA, Tondwa GMA & private Game Ranches.


Located in north Zambia, Tondwa GMA is a unique and specialized wetlands area. With outstanding trophy sitatunga and an unrivalled 100% success rate over the past few years Tondwa GMA is the premiere destination for Zambezi sitatunga. Roan, sable, eland, puku, bushpig, warthog, blue duiker and various plains game can be found in this diverse and richly populated concession.

Lastly, traditionally renowned for consistent large maned lion, huge leopard, full-bossed buffalo and an abundance of plains game, Chifunda GMA in the Luangwa Valley is unsurpassed for its natural beauty, sweeping hills, mopani woodlands and beautifully distinct Luangwa River. The north Luangwa is the only place where cookson’s wildebeest can be hunted. Two camps (grass thatch or luxury tents) overlook the Luangwa River offering tranquility with understated luxury, privacy and first class meals.


Hunting for conservation

Guides, staff and regulations



Every hunting client that books with us is allowing Muchinga Adventures the means to continue to support and fund projects and employment within the local rural communities and provide effective year round wildlife protection.

Thank you for your support, it makes all the difference.

The Game Management Areas (GMAs) and revenue sharing opportunities from international safari hunting has become a lifeline for remote rural communities with employment, community development and wildlife protection allowing true and long term benefits for the region. In times when international safari hunting activities have not been in place within GMAs this gap has not been filled by alternate sources of revenue or support to uplift thousands of local community livelihoods or protect the wildlife.

Social responsibility, community welfare and resource protection remain a top priority for Muchinga Adventures.



Zambian law and the ZAWA Act must be adhered to at all times. Muchinga Adventures Ltd supports ethical hunting practices as well as responsible and safe handling of firearms at all times. The safety of the client, staff and PH takes precedence in all decisions. The client is required to follow all lawful instructions given by the Professional Hunter during the hunt.

There are rules and regulations regarding the hunting of lion and elephant which are to be strictly followed including the minimum weight requirements for elephant ivory and minimum age restrictions for a lion. A portion of the payment made on every safari is used for anti poaching and wildlife protection, community education and welfare and monitoring of the wildlife.

Travel and outdoor activities are potentially dangerous. Muchinga Adventures Ltd and all affiliated suppliers assume no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, damages, delays, illnesses, injuries, death or Acts of God & nature (such as fires, floods, hurricanes, civil conflict, war etc..)